Wooster Jargon

So this page will be used as a growing resource for Wooster Jargon – I’ll add to it continuously to include descriptions of places, as well as explanations of events, traditions, and general Wooster slang.

  • Beall Ave. – spelled Beall but pronounced “bell,” this is the main street that runs through campus. Located on Beall, you can find Lowry, several residence halls, many of the residence houses, and Drugmart, among other things.
  • C.O.W. Card – College-issued ID card. Basically your life when you’re on campus. It is used to swipe you into the residence halls, to get you into the dining rooms for meals, and to do basically everything. In addition to being your general campus access card and the source of your meal swipes/flex dollars, it is also your room key. In short, don’t lose it – it’s one of your most important possessions at the College.
  • The C-store/McLeod’s – the mini-convenience store/coffee shop located in Lowry. There is some unrest about the name change (it is officially named “McLeod’s” – pronounced McLoud’s – but was formerly called the C-store and still is by many.) A good, quick spot to buy such items as granola bars, drinks, chips, ramen noodles, candy, frozen dinners, laundry detergent, and other essential items. They also serve Starbucks coffee. Accepts FlexDollars. (I recommend the Grand-ola Amish Granola Bars.)
  • Drugmart – the local drugstore, located not ten minutes’ walk from campus. A good resource if you ever need to buy something not stocked in the C-store. It has basically everything you could need as far as basic items go – the grocery section is well-stocked enough to meet most college students’ needs, and there is a whole array of miscellaneous items, from office supplies to medicine to nail polish to kitchen supplies and more. Accepts money on COW cards, but not FlexDollars.
  • FlexDollars – this “money” is preloaded on your COW card as part of your meal plan ($450 come with the standard plan) and it can be spent at the C-store, Mom’s, Pop’s, and Old Main. Useful for the purchase of coffee and other treats, or even a late night smoothie or quesadilla at Mom’s.

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