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Howdy! My name is Caroline Bybee, and I am a second-year here at the College of Wooster.

As you may or may not have inferred from my emphatic, cowboy-esque greeting, I hail from the great state of Texas. On that note, yes, I do say y’all, and, yes, I have seen snow before.

More specifically, I come from Houston, Texas – the land of smog, humidity, and a fabulous highway system. I’m loving my time here in Wooster, despite the fact that it is drastically different from the city life to which I am accustomed.

Besides blogging, I have many interests, including languages. I am fluent in English (obviously), and conversational in Spanish. I am currently learning German and Chinese, as well as teaching myself bits and pieces of Guarani (the indigenous language of Paraguay). I have lived abroad for two months each in Nicaragua and Paraguay (over the summers of 2009 and 2011), and I hope to get the chance to go abroad again.

When I’m here in America, though, I’m just your average college student. I love reading and procrastinating, and I tend to over-committ more than is healthy.

I started this blog mainly to give my impressions of Wooster to anyone out there who may be wondering what it’s like; I will try to be as truthful as I can and to share as much of my experience as I can. I hope to help others understand what exactly it is that I love about Wooster and why.


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  1. Nick says:

    I hope you can ignore my 5th grade email address… But I have visited Wooster twice now and I can’t find anything wrong with it. I don’t understand how a place could be so perfect, so I was wondering if there were things that weren’t so perfect about it? In a way I am hesitant about the size of the school because I don’t want a repeat of high school where it is the same judgmental kids that you can’t get away from. I’ve also caught wind that the process for a roommate is extremely extensive but that almost no one changes roommates because of it. Is that really true? Lastly, I would like to ask you what the best thing and the worst thing about Wooster is. Thank you for your time!!

    • cbybee15 says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t have even noticed the email address if you hadn’t pointed it out! 🙂

      As for your question, Wooster certainly has it flaws – any place does. The biggest one that I see right now is ResLife, which is due to, as far as I understand, a lot of turn-over in the office. Because people keep leaving, the system stays terrible, and because the system stays terrible, people keep leaving. Basically what it comes down to is that rooming can be a headache and a half – not always, but it can be, especially if you have a lower roomdraw number or are on the waitlist. I can’t speak too much to it because I’ve actually not had problems with it, but I’ve heard about SO many people who have, and I see people posting about it on our group Facebook pages constantly. (The problem here is that Wooster is growing in popularity – yay – but we don’t really have the space to accommodate the number of students that are being accepted each year. Apparently, ResLife and Admissions are on the case, and I think they’re trying to fix things, but this is something that I see as a current problem.)

      When it comes to freshman year roommates, it is an extensive process, and the matches often work out very well. My freshman roommate and I are still friends – we’re not besties, and we didn’t room together again, but I visited her when I was in her state and we keep in touch when on campus. I don’t know the stats on how many people change roomies, but I do know that, just like anything, the system isn’t perfect and I know some people who did change or wished they could. But for the most part, everyone seemed really happy or at least to have a roommate whom they could get along with and live with, even if they didn’t become bosom buddies.

      Lastly, the best and worst thing, according to me. The worst thing is probably trying to navigate the bureaucracy of the administration – I’ve found that individuals within the administration are great and helpful, but the system as a whole seems pretty convoluted, so that’s no good. The best thing is the people. I love the people at Wooster – that’s not to say that I love everybody on campus, although I don’t think I’d say there’s anybody whom I hate. But the great thing about Woo is that I found a really GREAT group of friends (which was a big deal for someone like me, who was a painfully awkward high schooler) and then, later, I found EVEN MORE GREAT FRIENDS. And I just keep finding cool people. And they’re wonderful, and it’s so much fun! And the professors are SO AMAZING. I love my department (COMM majors represent!) and the professors are honestly some of the most helpful, kind, accommodating, caring, intelligent, wonderful people I’ve met. I didn’t expect to have such great relationships with my professors when I went off to school, but I’ve been surprised by how much they seem genuinely interested in me as a person and in pushing me to be the best person and scholar I can be.

      I hope that was helpful – let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you! Also feel free to contact me at my school email, if you want to talk more at length! 🙂

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