Home for the Holidays

Well, it’s been a great semester. I apologize for my lack of posts between November and now – things got crazy right before Thanksgiving and didn’t stop being crazy until now, one hour before I’m headed home for break.

I guess, then, I should use this post to reflect on my semester. It’s been a good one.

I think I appreciated this place so much more after being away for a semester. I’ve made some wonderful new friends and strengthened my old relationships. I’ve taken some fantastic classes with some stupendous professors. I’ve learned a lot, gotten a job, and had many new experiences.

I’m sorry if this isn’t terribly detailed- maybe I’ll write a better post in the airport or when I get home tomorrow. Right now, though, I’m just overcome with equal doses of sentimentality and excitement. I am glad for this semester even if everything hasn’t gone the way I thought it would. I’m looking forward to next semester: I’ll be taking a full course load (finally!), really getting my major underway, pledging a sorority, and trying all sorts of new things. It should be a great experience.

That’s all I’ve got for now, mostly because I have to anxiously check back over my suitcase four or five more times to make sure I have everything.

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Crazy Busy and Other Excuses

Ah, November. That wonderful time of year when all of your professors realize that there’s only a few weeks left in the semester and decide to pile on the assignments. It’s a lovely thing, really.

Sarcasm aside, I am actually having quite a nice November. October wrapped up in a wonderful way with my family dropping in for family weekend (and my 20th birthday!). Then came November, and an onslaught of group projects that were due one after another. Thankfully, I got them all in and all of the presentations done, and it turns out that we did well on all of them!

Now it’s down to the wire with Thanksgiving in a week and tons of assignments due. I’m most excited about my final paper for my Collective Memory class – I’m absolutely in love with my topic, so research is both fascinating and fun.

Additionally, we recently registered for classes! I just today made some changes to my schedule to make it work with junior IS and study abroad, and it now looks like my classes for the coming year are as follows:

  • Theories of Human Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Autobiographical and Memoir Writing

I’m very excited for that line up, because it is not only helping me work toward IS (about which I am crazy excited!) but it is also chock full of exciting and interesting courses.

All in all, things are quite peachy. This weekend is the culture show and I am playing the mirror in the German Department’s rendition of Sneewitchen. Then it’s one more day and heading home for break! I love it here, but it’ll be nice to see my family!

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I’m a Proud (mas)SCOT!

First of all, I know that I said I would post more regularly, and I haven’t. This time I actually mean it – I’m being lame and actually scheduling a weekly blogging time into my calendar.

But that’s neither here nor there. (Although if you DO want to read excuses, you can scroll to the bottom of this post.)

The important reason that I made this post is that I get to mascot again! (Yes, I just turned mascot into a verb.) I’m not sure if I ever mentioned my initial stint as the Fighting Scot during Spirit Week, but I had a delightful time. Such a delightful time, in fact, that I became eager for any further mascotting (yes, I just made a gerund of it) gigs.

Imagine my glee, then, when I received an email asking me if I was free to wear the suit this Thursday! I checked my calendar with fingers crossed, and lo and behold I was free! So I will be mascotting on Thursday in all of the Fighting Scot glory!

I find this to be very important, blog-worthy news.

In other news, it is BUSY here at Wooster! That’s why it’s been hard for me to post – there’s been so much work! Everything is coming to a head as we reach the middle of the semester. I have had two major group projects due this week, and just yesterday had two twenty-minute presentations to give. Registration is also fast approaching, and I’m excited for my potential course schedule. Here’s hoping that I get into all of the classes that I want/need!

I’ll keep you posted as things progress!

Bye for now!

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Roller Coasters, Birthdays, and Study Abroad, Oh My!

So it’s been a while since I last posted. My apologies.

I will defend myself in saying that I have been very busy with school work and extracurriculars like trips to a Cheese Barn, but I really have no excuse. I will try to be more diligent in the future.

Anyway, here are a few salient points from the last few weeks:

I went to Cedar Point for the first time! And this was extra exciting for me because I love roller coasters. I got to ride many a ride and make new friends, which was awesome – all on a WAC (Wooster Activity Crew)-sponsored outing!

I made an apple pie because my friend Elizabeth had her 20th birthday! This was fun – I love any opportunity to use the dorm kitchens, sparse though they are, to bake things. I ran to Walmart and picked up the necessities such as apples and cinnamon, and my friend Emma and I went to town peeling and slicing and mixing until we had two golden brown apple pies that made the whole dorm smell delicious!

Okay, maybe not the whole dorm, but my room smelled awesome.

I am researching my study abroad options! This is especially exciting for me. I have wanted to study abroad since I learned that study abroad existed, and now that dream may actually become reality! I have all sorts of tabs open at the moment, researching different locations and programs, and I’ve met with Jessica DuPlaga (the director of Off-Campus Studies) twice already. I am READY. Now I just need to pick a program, talk to my dad, and talk to my advisor.

And that’s it! I mean, it’s not, not really. I’ve had tests and papers and a trip to a Cheese Barn and an excursion to Massillon and other adventures, but those are the really important points, at least in my opinion.

I promise to put more of an effort into regular posting in the future!


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Scot Spirit, Plaid Pride.

Before I say anything, let me say that I am well aware that ours is actually a tartan pattern, not a plaid. But Tartan Pride doesn’t have the same alliterative feel to it, so I’m taking some creative liberties with the titling of this post.

Now. This week is Spirit Week here at the College of Wooster. There is a myriad of activities occurring and all of them are super wonderful.

In order of appearance, they are:

  • Decoration of Lowry (and it looks really good, if I do say so myself)
  • Bed Races (a crazy new activity that will hopefully become tradition)
  • Nearly Naked Run (an annual activity in which you get to show off your skivvies and raise money for charity)
  • Torch Light Parade and Bonfire (who doesn’t love a good parade led by bagpipers?)
  • Pack the PEC (in which we try to fill the PEC for the volleyball game against Wittenberg)

and finally

  • Homecoming Day! (Filled with sporting events, a parade, a dance, and much, much more.)

It has been and is going to continue to be an awesome week! I’m excited to get in the Woo Spirit and cheer for Wooster as they beat Witt!

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A Walking Tour of Wooster!

So I made a video walking tour of Wooster for a good friend of mine, and I decided that this would be a good place to share it as well. You’ll have to pardon the shaky camera action and the awkward voice over – I threw this together in one afternoon, so it’s not the best. Maybe some day I will make a better version, but for now, here’s the link:

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I Do Declare!

Well, it’s happened. I turned in my declaration form to the registrar and now, once the paperwork goes through, I will be an official College of Wooster Communication Studies major – I even had my picture taken already. Suffice to say that I’m excited. Actually, that doesn’t suffice. I am way beyond excited. I am ecstatic.

Before I came here to the College, I had no idea what I wanted to major in.

I was lucky enough to take a class in Principles of Rhetoric last year that introduced me to the wonderful Comm. department and a professor who helped lay out for me what exactly a Comm. major means. It was just a hop skip and a jump from that point to the decision to declare.

And now that I have declared the possibilities are exciting. I keep checking the course catalogue and wondering which of the wonderful courses I will be lucky enough to take. I’ve already met with my advisor and she is wonderful – I swear she’s a sorceress or something, the way that she made my schedule for the next three years work perfectly with everything that I want to do.

I suppose there is no other point, then, to this post except to gush, but sometimes a bit of gushing is good. I’ve already started planning out the rest of my time here, and I’ve had some thoughts on I.S. topics, even.

Everything is wonderful.

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Home again!

Here I am, back at the College of Wooster.

And boy, am I happy to be here.

The last few days have been a mixture of a whirlwind of activity and a tidal wave of impatience – activity as my roommate and I got settled in to our room and reconnected with friends, and impatience as we awaited the start of classes with the glee of schoolchildren. Gleeful schoolchildren.

But now classes have started and things are underway. Today is Tuesday, my free day, so I’m taking this opportunity to blog before going to meet with my advisor about declaring and add/dropping classes. Yesterday, I went to three classes – my full load this semester – and made adjustments to my schedule. My courses as they stand are:

  • Group and Organizational Communication
  • Spanish 202: Intermediate Conversation and Composition
  • Communication, Collective Memory, and Public Forgetting

I am extremely excited about my schedule this year. Although I have been somewhat relegated to a three-course schedule, I think that I could not have a better combination of three courses for the semester. I’m looking forward to diving back in to Spanish and getting started on my Communication Studies major.

Oh, and that’s another thing! I am planning on declaring Communication Studies this very day! I am quite excited, as I’ve already met my new soon-to-be advisor, and she seems wonderful. Not that I won’t be sad to see my current advisor go – she has been incredibly helpful to me over the last year – but I have to declare sometime.

So that’s where I stand as far as things go as of today: a declaration, three classes, and an abounding excitement for the coming semester!

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How to pack for college:

Even as someone who takes a relatively minimalistic approach to clothing, I am always overwhelmed when I begin packing for school. There’s something so final about the idea of going somewhere to live for the school year – college is your new home, and you want to bring everything necessary to be prepared for your time there. Especially for someone who lives as far away as I do, the packing process is an important – and somewhat final – one.

So here I find myself again, staring at piles of clothes and wondering how to condense my life into half of a 181 square foot room. I’ve already gathered my knick-knacks and decorative things: various flags and license plates for the doors as well as a small ceramic gnome and other random doo-dads are packed away in a small suitcase. The other three suitcases and the one laundry basket that remain for me to cram my life into are lying accusatorially on my bed room floor, gaping and ready to be filled with clothes and other necessities. I wonder when I got so many shoes. Sitting on the floor of my room, I am surrounded by shoes – winter shoes, summer shoes, running shoes, cowboy boots. Where on earth will I put them all? I don’t have the storage space for all of these shoes and yet they all feel completely necessary.

This is the dilemma that I face with everything that I try to pack – it all feels completely necessary.

Somehow, though, I will manage to make it all fit in the end. I will stay up late the night before a cross country drive folding clothes and cramming things into suitcases, sitting on them to make them zip. Somehow, I will prepare myself for school and the start of a new semester. Somehow, I will get it all done.

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Onward to sophomore-status!

I suppose I should begin by explaining my extended absence. I’ll be brief in saying that due to circumstances beyond my control, I needed to and did take a leave of medical absence for the second semester of last year. Thankfully, aforementioned circumstances have cleared up, and I am on track to return to Wooster, healthier and happier than ever and ready to tackle my sophomore year.

This year, I plan to actually utilize this blog and add to it, getting more information about Wooster from a student’s perspective out there. I am always happy for input, so if there’s something you want to know or something you want me to write about, don’t hesitate to let me know!

That being said, I am so BEYOND PUMPED to go back to Wooster. I have missed the land of plaid and cows oh so very much, and my return is going to be a joyous one indeed. I’ll keep you posted as I prepare for and make my move back and as my year gets underway!

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