Fun Facts

Aside from the perfunctory “get-to-know-me” page, I wanted to put up a list of random/little-known/interesting facts about myself.

Here goes!

  • I only like blue M&Ms.
  • I mainly listen to reggaeton music, but am also partial to Adele, Sara Barielles, and Prince Royce.
  • I use “who” and “whom” correctly in everyday speech.
  • I was born on the University of Chicago campus.
  • I once had to hop a fence because I locked myself out of my mom’s apartment complex.
  • I prefer CDs to mp3s.
  • I like to read Supreme Court transcripts and find the Court itself fascinating.
  • I count in German when I can’t sleep.
  • I used to work for Domino’s pizza.
  • I ran for mayor of my class in fifth grade and won. My slogan was “She’s honest; she’s fair; she wants to be your mayor.”
  • I once read “A Modest Proposal” as a bedtime story.
  • I read style guides for fun.
  • I like to paint my nails obnoxiously bright colors.
  • I’m afraid of alligators

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