Third time’s the charm?

I don’t actually know if this is the third time that I’ve tried to revive this blog – it’s probably been more than that – but that’s not the point. The point is that I’m back, and this time I’m serious about keeping up with this blog, if only casually and if only for my own personal benefit. I won’t make any promises or set any schedules, but I will say that I hope to use this as a space to document and debrief my senior year.

Speaking of, senior year! Wow. The question of the day seems to be: how did we get here?

Today was the 145th Commencement here at C.O.W., and my fellow seniors and I traipsed in our academic regalia (read: polyester graduation gowns) through the halls of McGaw Chapel to the sound of bagpipes, to sit out scholarly selves down behind the faculty and listen to Grant Cornwell inaugurate the 2014-2015 academic year. Then we stumbled gracefully out into the sunlight, blinked away the brightness, and asked each other, how did we get here?

photo 1

Of course, in between our fits of nostalgic musings, we also took pictures.

Of course, I remember the past three years. If I squint my eyes a little bit and think back, I can still picture my freshman self: headstrong, confident, and scared out of her mind. I did some silly things (dyed my hair several times, danced across the quad singing Adele in ghost voices) and some wonderful things (introducing myself to my hall mates despite my nerves, signing up for a Communication class) and lots of things in between. And in the time since that first awkward and exhilarating week, I’ve done lots more. I’ve studied abroad in Chile, presented a paper at a conference, and joined a sorority.

And I’ve got lots more to do yet. This week marks the beginning of my last – and hopefully best! – year at Wooster, and I’m ready to wring the most out of it. I’ve already started decorating my carrel, set up my meeting with my I.S. advisor, and begun anxiously chomping at the bit, so I’m ready to dive in to I.S., and beyond than that, I’m ready to cherish the good times and roll through the bad, with my favorite crew of Wooster-ites at my side.

There are lots of cheesy quotes that I could use to end this post, but instead I’ll share my favorite piece of advice from my father, the quip that I try to live by as much as possible: Knock ’em dead. (For the record, it’s meant figuratively.)

So watch out Wooster, I.S., and fellow Fighting Scots: senior year, here we go!

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