A COMMendation

Last night, a friend stopped by my room to ask me if I had read an article for class yet – I hadn’t – and if I understood it. I couldn’t help her, but we started talking anyway, chatting about our upcoming final paper for the class. We are writing some sort of rhetorical criticism of a message: they will be roughly 20 pages long. She is doing a narrative analysis, and I am doing a postcolonial critique.

From paper topics, the conversation drifted into the realm of I.S. We gushed over one professor, discussing how much we wanted to have her as our I.S. advisor. We chatted about different topics that we are considering, and she laughed at me about my enthusiasm over postcolonial criticism. I probably said, “Postcolonial is my jam!” at least three times, and I grew ebullient and effusive as I explained the different ideas I had had.

It was lovely. My roommate came back at one point and chuckled slightly at our bubbling COMM major gossip. We discussed different professors and what we liked about them, the classes that we wanted to take, and our academic plans for the next two years.

If you had told me at the beginning of my first year here that I would declare Communication Studies as my major, I would have probably laughed. “What?” I would have asked, because I had no idea what COMM was when I got to college. I had no four year plan, no neatly laid out schedule of the classes I would take. I ended up in a rhetoric class on a whim – I recognized the term “rhetoric” from a high school class that I enjoyed – and never expected it to go much beyond that course.

That was, of course, before I actually got into the classroom and started learning. Lecture after lecture, I fell more in love with the subject. Enchanted by the topics that we covered, I set up a meeting to talk with my professor about just what it meant to be a COMM major, anyway. The rest, of course, is history. COMM went from my hardest but favorite class to my major, and I haven’t looked back since.

Since then, I have become increasingly infatuated with the discipline. Rhetorical studies in particular speak to me on a level that I didn’t realize was possible: it just makes sense. Ever a verbose person, I have found the major that matches up completely with my interests and goals.

I didn’t know how to research or write extensive papers before coming to school here, but COMM has taught me. The credit, of course, lies mainly with my professors, all of whom have been both encouraging and challenging, but it certainly has helped that I find the subject matter fascinating. I find myself eager and chomping at the bit for I.S., simply because I can’t wait to research and write about yet another topic that I love.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this extolment has been, other than to describe why I love my major, but there you have it. Nothing gets me fired up quite like Communication Studies does!

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