Better late than never?

The question mark is there because I am hesitant about the validity of this statement as it pertains to blog posts. Regardless of this platitude’s accuracy, however, I am making my unceremonious return to the blogging world for the spring semester, and I’m only a month late!

There are a couple of weak excuses that I could make for my tardiness in posting (I was pledging; there has been a lot of work; I like to sleep…), but I think I will refrain for now and jump straight in. (And I’ll add a “read more,” as this is shaping up to be quite the lengthy post.)

We’ll start with one of the first things I did this semester, which is pledge and join a sorority. Now, let me be the first to tell you that I am not your stereotypical sorority girl – nor do I have anything against those who are. It’s just not my cup of tea. So when I came to Wooster and heard about the Greek life, I was thoroughly apathetic.

But as I detailed in a previous post, I decided to rush. And I received a bid. And I accepted it. And then, through a series of extenuating circumstances, I changed my acceptance to a deferral and put off pledging until this year, when I would actually be on campus.

And let me tell you: it was worth it.

I won’t go into detail about the pledging process, but suffice to say that I’m glad it happened, glad it’s over, and glad to now be part of a wonderful group of girls! It has only been two weeks since I was initiated, but I already feel very comfortable with all of the ladies and love going to group events.

So there you have it – the abridged story of how a decidedly not-Greek girl went Greek and loved it.

Delta Theta Psi

(And above you have a picture of the ladies of Delta Theta Psi, minus one member who is abroad.)

In other news, study abroad – which is my grammatically-incorrect way of saying that my application for study abroad during the fall semester of 2013 was accepted! If my application to my program is accepted (fingers crossed), I will be headed to Chile on SIT’s Comparative Education and Social Change program in August.

(I have to make a shout-out to my advisor here, because she helped me out a lot throughout the application process, including writing something up for me the day it was due, because of my poor planning.)

And that’s about it, as far as interesting news goes.

As far as uninteresting things go, my schedule for the semester includes Health Communication, Theories of Human Communication, Rhetorical Criticism, and Readings in Latin American Cultures. It’s a COMM-heavy course load to be sure, but I can’t complain. I quite love my major. Oh, and I declared a minor in Spanish, so that’s good.

And that’s about it for now! I’m sure I’ll think of things that I should have included in this post later, but that just means that I’ll have more to post next time I get around to it! As always, I am going to make an effort to post more regularly, so we’ll see how that turns out. Wish me luck!

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