Home again!

Here I am, back at the College of Wooster.

And boy, am I happy to be here.

The last few days have been a mixture of a whirlwind of activity and a tidal wave of impatience – activity as my roommate and I got settled in to our room and reconnected with friends, and impatience as we awaited the start of classes with the glee of schoolchildren. Gleeful schoolchildren.

But now classes have started and things are underway. Today is Tuesday, my free day, so I’m taking this opportunity to blog before going to meet with my advisor about declaring and add/dropping classes. Yesterday, I went to three classes – my full load this semester – and made adjustments to my schedule. My courses as they stand are:

  • Group and Organizational Communication
  • Spanish 202: Intermediate Conversation and Composition
  • Communication, Collective Memory, and Public Forgetting

I am extremely excited about my schedule this year. Although I have been somewhat relegated to a three-course schedule, I think that I could not have a better combination of three courses for the semester. I’m looking forward to diving back in to Spanish and getting started on my Communication Studies major.

Oh, and that’s another thing! I am planning on declaring Communication Studies this very day! I am quite excited, as I’ve already met my new soon-to-be advisor, and she seems wonderful. Not that I won’t be sad to see my current advisor go – she has been incredibly helpful to me over the last year – but I have to declare sometime.

So that’s where I stand as far as things go as of today: a declaration, three classes, and an abounding excitement for the coming semester!

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