How to pack for college:

Even as someone who takes a relatively minimalistic approach to clothing, I am always overwhelmed when I begin packing for school. There’s something so final about the idea of going somewhere to live for the school year – college is your new home, and you want to bring everything necessary to be prepared for your time there. Especially for someone who lives as far away as I do, the packing process is an important – and somewhat final – one.

So here I find myself again, staring at piles of clothes and wondering how to condense my life into half of a 181 square foot room. I’ve already gathered my knick-knacks and decorative things: various flags and license plates for the doors as well as a small ceramic gnome and other random doo-dads are packed away in a small suitcase. The other three suitcases and the one laundry basket that remain for me to cram my life into are lying accusatorially on my bed room floor, gaping and ready to be filled with clothes and other necessities. I wonder when I got so many shoes. Sitting on the floor of my room, I am surrounded by shoes – winter shoes, summer shoes, running shoes, cowboy boots. Where on earth will I put them all? I don’t have the storage space for all of these shoes and yet they all feel completely necessary.

This is the dilemma that I face with everything that I try to pack – it all feels completely necessary.

Somehow, though, I will manage to make it all fit in the end. I will stay up late the night before a cross country drive folding clothes and cramming things into suitcases, sitting on them to make them zip. Somehow, I will prepare myself for school and the start of a new semester. Somehow, I will get it all done.

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  1. Nikki says:

    One great thing that I do for college is leave some shoes at home since I will be back for holidays and swap them out during the new seasons. I also only pack the shoes that I can fit on a shoe rack for the back of my door. This is a great post, thanks for sharing!

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