Onward to sophomore-status!

I suppose I should begin by explaining my extended absence. I’ll be brief in saying that due to circumstances beyond my control, I needed to and did take a leave of medical absence for the second semester of last year.┬áThankfully, aforementioned circumstances have cleared up, and I am on track to return to Wooster, healthier and happier than ever and ready to tackle my sophomore year.

This year, I plan to actually utilize this blog and add to it, getting more information about Wooster from a student’s perspective out there. I am always happy for input, so if there’s something you want to know or something you want me to write about, don’t hesitate to let me know!

That being said, I am so BEYOND PUMPED to go back to Wooster. I have missed the land of plaid and cows oh so very much, and my return is going to be a joyous one indeed. I’ll keep you posted as I prepare for and make my move back and as my year gets underway!

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