Inaugural Post! (and some basic info)

Alright, here we go: my very first ScotBlogs post! It’s very exciting!

Excitement aside, I figured I would post some basic information – not basic “about me” information, because that’s already in the “Who I Am” section, but just basic background about my life here at Wooster.

First off, my schedule.

Like all other first-years, I have to take a First-Year Seminar course. Mine is called “Adventures in Citizenship.” I am also enrolled in an Africana Studies class (“Africa: Myths and Realities”), a Communication Studies class (“Principles of Rhetoric”), and Chinese 101. On top of those four, I am auditing a 200-level German course.

It’s pretty busy, but I love it.

Otherwise, I’ve only been here three weeks (exactly!), so I’m still getting my footing as to which clubs/organizations I’m going to be in. I’m a pretty regular attendee at the German and Spanish coffee hours, and I’ve been known to drop in and do some copy-editing for The Voice (the newspaper here on campus) when I get the chance. I’m looking into working with The Index (the yearbook) and The Woostonian (the alternative news source) as well – and yet, I have little interest in a career in journalism. Nor do I have an interest in photography, although I am quite notorious for lugging my beloved Canon Rebel XT around campus, snapping shots of any and everything, mostly my friends.

Speaking of friends, many of mine are my hallmates. I live in Douglass (this is where anyone who lives in Bissman would hiss at me), which is the most spacious freshman dorm. And it’s true. My room (which I share with my lovely roommate Celeste) is huge.

I hope to get an on-campus job when I’m able to apply, so we’ll see what happens with that. As it is, though, I keep myself plenty busy, be it with random cupcake-baking parties in the basement, ping-pong games, or just random shenanigans with my fellow Dougies.

And that’s just about all there is to say at the moment. I’ll have more scintillating stories to add sooner or later!


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  1. Bastiaan says:

    Exciting to read a post by a new Wooster student. I am a recent alumni and I wrote my last post this past May after documenting my Woo life for two and a half years on a scotblog( Enjoy your Woo adventure. It’s going to change your life for the better!

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